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Infrastructure Built on Trust

What We Do

What We Do

SICON Ltd currently carries out work throughout Canterbury, holding major maintenance contracts with Selwyn District Council, Waimakariri District Council, Hurunui District Council and Timaru District Council.

We are ISO 9001 :2015 certified, ensuring our focus is on quality, and managing the environment and health & safety to the same standard. Our core business includes:

  • Road maintenance and construction
  • Water and wastewater maintenance and construction
  • Parks and reserves maintenance and landscaping (including arboriculture work)
  • Landfill management and maintenance​

Well maintained roads, parks and reserves and water infrastructure are critical to the health, look and feel of a community – SICON has recognised this for over 20 years though our extensive association with Councils within Canterbury.

We have the skills, resources, technical expertise, digital capacity, and vision to deliver to maintenance contract specification on behalf of local Councils. We take particular care to work collaboratively with Councils and stakeholders. Our commitment is our alignment with Councils strategy and helping to achieve community plans - our newly developed digital platform helps us accomplish these goals. Effective relationships are developed over time and foster engagement leading to the delivery of quality work for the Community, through our company philosophy;

Infrastructure Built on Trust


Our Divisions

Roading Maintenance

We have held long term Road Maintenance Contracts for the Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council, Timaru District Council, Selwyn District Council, Grey District Council and currently hold Network Maintenance Contracts for the Waimakariri District Council and NZTA.

The SICON Ltd team has worked hard at providing a high level of service and quality and at developing good working relationships with the Client, the community and other key stakeholders.

We employ a loyal, committed and a hard working workforce, the majority of which are locally based residents.  We believe that our locally based staff are a key asset for our maintenance operations and we can enable an enhanced level of co-operation from the community and any potentially affected parties.

It is imperative that those leading the contract works from all stakeholder positions are committed to open, honest and timely communication to ensure that a “best for the network” outcome is achieved.

It is SICON’s intention to undertake the management of Road Maintenance Contracts in a professional and dedicated manner, which will be reflected in the methodology for achieving, or exceeding, the contract requirements. Key to this is SICON accepting ownership of the network via a Partnering agreement and undertaking management of the contract which is relative to the Principal’s strategies and policies.

SICON is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 quality management for the supply of civil construction, maintenance and related services for the servicing and maintenance of public utilities and is committed, through the training and development of its staff, to provide quality contracting services which meet the needs of all its clients.

SICON has a proven track record and history of working in a collaborative, co-operative and no surprises environment, with many Clients to deliver high levels of service to Residents / Ratepayers and Road Users of our Districts.

North Canterbury

Parks & Reserves

We have undertaken many specialist gardening projects from the amenity planting of road-sides and median strips, to the maintenance of Botanical Gardens and propagation of specialist plants. During the summer we are called on to prepare cricket wickets for weekly matches and have several contracts for the maintenance of various school grounds. Roadside landscaping is undertaken in association with sub-division developments.

Our qualified and experienced arborists are trained and equipped to carry out all aspects of tree care and management, from formative pruning of newly planted trees, through to crane assisted removal of large or aged trees. 

We manage and maintain landfills to strict environmental conditions, including leachate and gas control, sediment control and compaction.

Central Canterbury
South Canterbury

Water Services

We install and maintain systems ranging from major deep underground pipework to domestic water connections. Our skilled staff install, monitor, report and rectify problems with water intake and flows from the main river sources, as well as install and maintain domestic tobies at your front gate. We manage waste water to ensure the safety of the environment and people.

Central Canterbury